Medley 265: Drinking, Mobs, Surely, Mushrooms, Arbitrum, Apologizing, Fun…

Happy Monday! I've finished recording all the main videos for SEO for Solopreneurs! I just released the rest of the monetization videos, as well as how to scale SEO beyond yourself. That means this is the last week for the reduced early access pricing. The price will go up on Sunday. I also published one article last […]

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What You Watch, You Get More Of, And Other Hard Truths

by Linda Holmes Welcome! It was the week when we started talking about what "sob rock" is. It was the week when nature, by which we mean the Cannes Film Festival, continued healing. And it was the week when "What's the buzz?" took on new meaning. Opening Argument: What You Watch, You Get More Of, And Other Hard Truths […]

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manhunting the wrong man

Earlier this month, we shared a survey to learn more about how news impacts our wellness. Turns out, it affects us quite a bit. Among the many insights, we heard that 82% of you not only agree that news is stressful, but that many of you feel more stress when consuming news. That’s tough, but understandable, […]

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The Bugs Are Screeching, And Other Reflections On Time

by Linda Holmes Welcome to the Pop Culture Happy Hour newsletter! Every week, we bring you a fresh mini-essay about something that’s on our minds, whether it’s an old show that feels new again or something in the news that we can’t stop thinking about. We also feature fresh recommendations for your reading and viewing […]