Come to my room?

Hey Newsletter, Can you come to my room now? That's the text I got from my friend Amy Porterfield the weekend of her massive (way pre-pandemic) live event in San Diego, The Entrepreneur Experience. (If you don’t know who Amy is, all you have to know is that she’s Beyonce-level in the digital marketing space.) Cut […]


How I escape my head

Hey Newsletter,I've been on a bender. Deep in the hole. Not booze, not blow, not the slots, none of that. My drug of choice, when I'm struggling with work and want to escape, is TV. (Or, I guess the kids—the "Grandpa, what's TV?" generation—might call it "streaming." Or do they just call it all Netflix, […]

Blogging Copywriting

not your best


A few subtle nips and tucks (with no scars!)

Are you a visual learner, Newsletter?You're in luck, because I've got something helpful and copy-related for you today. And it's very visual. Muy, muy, muy eye-friendly.    But first things first:You may know how I love my Real Housewives. (If you didn't, Hi. I'm Laura. I love Real Housewives.) Every season ends with a reunion, where the housewives […]