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🧒 Netflix pulls a Disney

Disclosures   Waiting for a "Stranger Things" themed ride [kali9/E+ via GettyImages]   Last Week’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,480 (-0.80%) S&P 5004,247 (+0.41%) Nasdaq14,069 (+1.85%) Bitcoin$39,089 (+8.59%) Hey Snackers, The Statue of Liberty is getting a little sister — and the age gap is huge. 137 years after sending the original, France is shipping another Lady Liberty to the US as […]

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Advice to Grads: Be Warriors, Not Wokesters

Advice to Grads: Be Warriors, Not Wokesters Last week, on my way to eat at Jack’s Wife Freda (#awesome) in SoHo, a young woman in a purple gown, with older versions of herself in tow, nearly ran me over. It’s that time of year. Approximately 4 million young adults, and their loved ones, will be […]

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Dropout β†’ 6-figure (in-depth case study)

To view this email as a web page, click here Hi Newsletter, If you're in the wrong job or at the wrong company — or maybe in the completely wrong industry — what do you do? Years ago, my friend Julie was in this exact spot. She’d already spent a year in law school before realizing […]

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Amazon’s robots πŸ€–, Bitcoin’s upgrade β‚Ώ, freeCodeCamp AMA πŸ‘‹

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How fair value accounting skews returns

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Now I Know: Let’s Make Some (More) Microloans!

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🍿 AMC’s stock surge

It's on the house [SolStock/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,600 (+0.07%) S&P 5004,208 (+0.14%) Nasdaq13,756 (+0.14%) Bitcoin$37,449 (+2.65%) Hey Snackers, If you're having a rough week, we wish you as much resilience as this cat, which survived a five-story jump from a burning building uninjured — and then just casually walked off. Stocks ticked up yesterday, while […]

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13 ways to convince others to support your project πŸ’°

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New from Tim β€” An Exciting Giveaway, Interview with Chris Bosh, β€œHow to Make a House Feel Like a Home” Video, and More

Hi All, Please find your weekly roundup email below. The “5-Bullet Friday” newsletter is coming on Friday, as always. I’m also including a giveaway I am very excited to launch today…  New giveaway:Share this newsletter with friends for a chance to win an Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (MSRP of $1,995 for the king size)! I […]

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πŸš— Uber’s endless surge pricing

  Waiting for the surge pricing to end like… [FluxFactory/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,575 (+0.13%) S&P 5004,202 (-0.05%) Nasdaq13,736 (+0.09%) Bitcoin$36,233 (-1.07%) Hey Snackers, After "I do," these couples will be saying "I meme it." That's right: meme-based dating has finally arrived. Stocks barely budged yesterday as investors chewed on manufacturing data: rising commodity prices and […]