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How fair value accounting skews returns

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Now I Know: Let’s Make Some (More) Microloans!

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🍿 AMC’s stock surge

It's on the house [SolStock/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,600 (+0.07%) S&P 5004,208 (+0.14%) Nasdaq13,756 (+0.14%) Bitcoin$37,449 (+2.65%) Hey Snackers, If you're having a rough week, we wish you as much resilience as this cat, which survived a five-story jump from a burning building uninjured — and then just casually walked off. Stocks ticked up yesterday, while […]

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13 ways to convince others to support your project 💰

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New from Tim — An Exciting Giveaway, Interview with Chris Bosh, “How to Make a House Feel Like a Home” Video, and More

Hi All, Please find your weekly roundup email below. The “5-Bullet Friday” newsletter is coming on Friday, as always. I’m also including a giveaway I am very excited to launch today…  New giveaway:Share this newsletter with friends for a chance to win an Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (MSRP of $1,995 for the king size)! I […]

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🚗 Uber’s endless surge pricing

  Waiting for the surge pricing to end like… [FluxFactory/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,575 (+0.13%) S&P 5004,202 (-0.05%) Nasdaq13,736 (+0.09%) Bitcoin$36,233 (-1.07%) Hey Snackers, After "I do," these couples will be saying "I meme it." That's right: meme-based dating has finally arrived. Stocks barely budged yesterday as investors chewed on manufacturing data: rising commodity prices and […]

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Earnable closes tonight: Earn more, be your own boss, do what you love

Newsletter, Yes, my new program on how to start and grow a work-from-anywhere business closes TONIGHT. If you're thinking about joining Earnable to earn more, be your own boss, and do what you love, this email is for you. But first, I want to be crystal clear about 3 things: With all of the uncertainty around coronavirus, […]

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How to create your own income | Earnable is now open

Newsletter, Recall the 3 steps to take with your money right now.  MOVE! Accept reality and make a plan. Things are not going to magically get better overnight. It’s important to acknowledge this and to make a plan. It starts with making sure you’ve built up enough savings. Look at these IWT readers who have […]

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Grant Cardone: Nedko Can you RSVP ASAP?

Do you know that later this year (2021), you’ll have the opportunity to make the biggest real estate deals of your life? In the live webinar I’m hosting, I’ll be showing you how to buy a commercial space. Not just in big cities like New York City either, you’ll learn how to leverage the market in your […]

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Josh Turner: Online success

Hey Nedko,Do you ever feel a little envious watching other people (especially the big “gurus”) launch online courses with seeming ease… and wonder how they figured it all out?Maybe you wish you could have a product like theirs that brings in a constant flow of revenue… so you can free up your time and help […]