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ET: June 8th 2021

Exploding Topics <> Unsubscribe 4:17 PM (1 hour ago) to me Presented By: Hey, Here’s this week’s list of rapidly trending topics, insights and analysis. Topic #1 Facial toner  Facial toner is a thin cream that’s used for cleansing and hydration purposes. Some facial toners also exfoliate. In South Korea, facial toner is used as part of a […]

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👀 Spotlight.

June 8, 2021 Read in browser It’s June 8th. Anthony Bourdain, a master of writing, cooking, and living life to its fullest, died three years ago today. May his work continue to be a damn good inspiration for writers, chefs, and just about everyone else in the years to come. APPLE WWDC21 is over. Here’s […]

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How fair value accounting skews returns

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The Box Office Bounces Back

TOGETHER WITH Today’s Topics 3 charts for you today: Is the box office back? The latest data suggests signs of life for the big screen. AMC > GameStop. Reddit traders are at it again. Etsy grows up. Quirky marketplace Etsy has made a big acquisition, and quietly become a huge company in its own right. […]

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Web Tools #411 – Frameworks, Testing Tools, JS Utilities, Polymorphism

  WEB VERSION Issue #411 • June 3, 2021 Advertisement Learn How Remote Pair Programming Can Increase Your Team's EfficiencySuddenly, the future of work materialized, and when your entire team is working from home, pair programming is not only possible but extremely valuable. Preparing yourself and your team for remote pairing will help prepare you […]

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ET: June 1st 2021

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Concerns raised over NHS data plans

Your round-up of the latest, greatest data stories Hello Newsletter, This week, England’s NHS announced plans to create a database of 55 million patients’ medical histories , to be shared with third parties to improve research and planning. The database will include sensitive data, including information on criminal records, mental and sexual health, and abuse. […]

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BRP’s VP of digital CX takes a data-driven path

Hi, I'm Shane Schick, founder of 360 Magazine. This newsletter showcases what I'm seeing, hearing and learning about CX design, development and management and is supported directly by paid subscribers who get exclusive content and other benefits. Use what you see here for inspiration, to get best practices from your peers or to find tools and […]

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#19. Those Damned Biased Bots

No Fuglies Allowed(Did someone you know forward this email to you? You can subscribe to receive my writing in the future by clicking here!)  Hey there! Despite not sending out this newsletter as regularly, I’ve still managed to be pretty active with publishing content to my website. And I recently published two similar articles about the topic […]

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Google & HCA to develop healthcare algorithms / China tested facial recognition on Uighurs / NNs driving Pinterest growth

PART OF    NETWORKMAY 26, 2021 PRESENTED BY Hey Insiders,The DeFi revolution is here and we’ve gathered leading industry experts to walk us through the future of finance.Our speakers include:Camilla Russo (Founder of The Defiant)Ramon Recuero (Founder of Babylon Finance)Jehan Chu (Co-Founder of Kenetic)Santiago Roel Santos (General Partner at Parafi)Join us for this free live event tomorrow […]