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The Bugs Are Screeching, And Other Reflections On Time

Pop Culture Happy Hour
by Linda Holmes
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Welcome! It was the week when we said goodbye to Eric Carle , creator of a very famous hungry caterpillar. It was the week when a lot of people watched The Eternals trailer. And it was the week when we found out that Kelly Clarkson’s show will be put forward as the new resident of a soon-to-be-vacated timeslot.

Opening Argument: The Bugs Are Screeching, And Other Reflections On Time

As you’ve probably heard, the Brood X cicadas who burrow underground and emerge every 17 years have recently come out to play in some parts of the country. While I don’t want to brag, I have to say roughly 25 percent of the national population of them seem to be in my yard. They love the tree in the front yard, the screen on the screened porch, and especially my recycling bin. (Apparently, they’re attracted to anything I might accidentally touch with my bare hands.)

A couple of days ago, they started coming down my chimney. Down my chimney! Actual giant flying bugs! This was the point when I concluded that this was not the fun kind of weird anymore. It was the “oh, here I am at the beginning of this horror movie” kind of weird. This is on top of the fact that there is a high-pitched hum outside every day as a result of their apparently needing to yell back and forth to each other “I HAVE EMERGED AFTER 17 YEARS!” and “OH HEY ME TOO!” and doing it in the form of a song that sort of sounds like a cricket crossed with a chainsaw, except it’s a billion crickets crossed with a billion chainsaws.

Naturally, this got me thinking about the passage of time, particularly in light of the Friends reunion that aired this week. There are times when I look at a show like that and think, “Wow, that was a long time ago.” But I’m not sure how that’s affected by the fact that almost nothing goes away anymore. I continue to believe one of the reasons why people had a lot of fun talking about The Nanny when it came to HBO MAX is that it had actually receded from memory in a way that a lot of things never do.
Daniel Davis, Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy and Lauren Lane starred in the hit sitcom The Nanny, which aired on CBS from 1993 through 1999.
CBS via Getty Images
The Nanny , as it were, is a cicada. It goes underground (not really, it was in reruns, but it was underground relative to streaming services, so bear with me) for a long time, and then it emerges. Uh, screaming. Friends, on the other hand, coincidentally was gone for exactly 17 years before this reunion. Friends is on actual cicada time! Gen X, Brood X … you see where I’m going with this, right? But Friends didn’t seem like it had ever been gone. You’ve always had access to it if it was the kind of thing you cared about.

Imagine if cicadas came down my chimney every year. Imagine! I would not tolerate it. I would put up some kind of cicada barrier so that they couldn’t get in. I would also probably move. To Mars. But because they come and then they go away for such a long time, I am able to find in my heart a certain tolerance for their scattered exoskeletons and their screeching and their occasional appearance actually clinging to the living room curtains, where they should not be. If you go away and I get a chance to miss you for 17 years, maybe I’ll be a little bit more okay with your quirks when you return. Maybe I’ll be more psyched.

What I’m saying is that cicadas are lucky they’re not on Netflix. That’s the point.

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Brett Roedel/Hulu
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