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🧒 Netflix pulls a Disney

Disclosures   Waiting for a "Stranger Things" themed ride [kali9/E+ via GettyImages]   Last Week’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,480 (-0.80%) S&P 5004,247 (+0.41%) Nasdaq14,069 (+1.85%) Bitcoin$39,089 (+8.59%) Hey Snackers, The Statue of Liberty is getting a little sister — and the age gap is huge. 137 years after sending the original, France is shipping another Lady Liberty to the US as […]

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Advice to Grads: Be Warriors, Not Wokesters

Advice to Grads: Be Warriors, Not Wokesters Last week, on my way to eat at Jack’s Wife Freda (#awesome) in SoHo, a young woman in a purple gown, with older versions of herself in tow, nearly ran me over. It’s that time of year. Approximately 4 million young adults, and their loved ones, will be […]

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Dropout β†’ 6-figure (in-depth case study)

To view this email as a web page, click here Hi Newsletter, If you're in the wrong job or at the wrong company — or maybe in the completely wrong industry — what do you do? Years ago, my friend Julie was in this exact spot. She’d already spent a year in law school before realizing […]

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Amazon’s robots πŸ€–, Bitcoin’s upgrade β‚Ώ, freeCodeCamp AMA πŸ‘‹

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Now I Know: Let’s Make Some (More) Microloans!

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{grow}: What six years of writing for {grow} taught me (and now, you)

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13 ways to convince others to support your project πŸ’°

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New from Tim β€” An Exciting Giveaway, Interview with Chris Bosh, β€œHow to Make a House Feel Like a Home” Video, and More

Hi All, Please find your weekly roundup email below. The “5-Bullet Friday” newsletter is coming on Friday, as always. I’m also including a giveaway I am very excited to launch today…  New giveaway:Share this newsletter with friends for a chance to win an Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (MSRP of $1,995 for the king size)! I […]

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Grant Cardone: Nedko Can you RSVP ASAP?

Do you know that later this year (2021), you’ll have the opportunity to make the biggest real estate deals of your life? In the live webinar I’m hosting, I’ll be showing you how to buy a commercial space. Not just in big cities like New York City either, you’ll learn how to leverage the market in your […]

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Sneak peek: Behind-the-scenes of a $2,388 customer

Newsletter, OK, let's go deeper on earning more. (For my full list of what to do with your money given coronavirus, click here.) When you’re thinking about earning more, you’ll want to know how to sell and how businesses actually make money. Below, I want to share two juicy excerpts from Earnable.  This brand-new program shows you how […]