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Social media lessons from Spotify’s underdog story

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Lyft ebikes 🚲, curing jetlag 💊, flu strains vanish 🤧

TLDR Daily Update 2021-06-07 Save 45+ sourcing hours per open tech role with Hired (Sponsor)Struggling to scale your tech team? Access a curated pool of pre-screened tech talent on Hired, the world's largest AI-driven hiring marketplace. We help companies like Grubhub and Dropbox grow their tech teams with our intuitive search filters, custom coding challenges, and […]

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For members—Home school for adults

Hi Quartz member, Mention “virtual class” and you can almost hear a collective groan reverberate through the internet. The pandemic’s grand online learning experiment has received a failing grade from students, teachers, and parents alike. But MasterClass has a different story. The slickest of the “massive open online course” (MOOC) platforms grew by leaps and bounds […]


Weekend edition—What we owe George Floyd, Covid’s true toll in India, opening the Arctic

Good morning Quartz readers, One year ago this week, millions of people took to the streets, incited to action by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. What followed was renewed—and justified—scrutiny of institutions like law enforcement and government, for how they perpetuate inequality and white supremacy. The private sector, […]

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The Bugs Are Screeching, And Other Reflections On Time

by Linda Holmes Welcome to the Pop Culture Happy Hour newsletter! Every week, we bring you a fresh mini-essay about something that’s on our minds, whether it’s an old show that feels new again or something in the news that we can’t stop thinking about. We also feature fresh recommendations for your reading and viewing […]

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Better Than an Energy Drink ⚡

I often joke with Kyle and Joe that it’s a good thing we founded York IE because with all the talent on our team, we’re not even qualified to get an internship at the company now. Next week five York IE summer interns will start, and once again I am blown away by the talented students […]

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Perch raises $775M to acquire more Amazon FBA businesses

PART OF    NETWORKMAY 26, 2021 PRESENTED BY Hey Insiders,Are you interested in learning more about Decentralised Finance? Our team at Inside has put together a unique opportunity to learn directly from industry experts including:Camilla Russo (Founder of The Defiant)Ramon Recuero (Founder of Babylon Finance)Jehan Chu (Co-Founder of Kenetic)Santiago Roel Santos (General Partner at Parafi)If you want […]

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TI Briefing: Amazon Puts MGM in Shopping Cart, Doubling Down on Hollywood

The Briefing By Martin PeersMay 26, 2021Greetings!Amazon’s $8.45 billion purchase of MGM signals, for Hollywood, just how much video streaming has reshaped the entertainment landscape. Tech-driven companies are taking more of Hollywood’s real estate while older players, like WarnerMedia and Discovery, join forces so as to better compete. But does the deal mean much for Amazon, […]

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MSE’s Money Tips: Boost savings 50x, Nando’s hacks, HSBC cheque alert, ‘I made £2,500 selling crisp bags’, Martin’s credit score myths

19 MAY 2021Email not looking great? View online – – – – –CARDSRECLAIMUTILITIESBANKINGDEALSTRAVELINSURANCEMORTGAGESSHOPPINGINCOME THE TOP TIPS IN THIS EMAILSavings masterclass – boost interest 50xShift debt to 29mths 0% AND bag £25 cashback ‘I made £2,500+ in 6mths selling old crisp bags on eBay’New. Martin video: ‘You DON’T have a UK credit score, so if yours drops, the impact is oft near-meaningless’10 Nando’s hacks, incl […]

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Living in a phygital world 🛍

THE NEED FOR ‘EVOLVED PHYGITAL’: RAMPING UP THE EXPERIENCE Phygital is one of those words that make you go “why didn’t I think of that?” Phygital is meshing online and offline tactics. It has especially hit retail experiences hard by being the new standard for shopping. Some simple phygital solutions: Social media: Instagram and Facebook […]