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John Oliver Destroys Sponsored Content, 4 Types of Vaccine Skeptics and Why Futurists Usually Fail | Non-Obvious Insights #271

Rohit Bhargava Dear Newsletter, What kind of person is still choosing not to get vaccinated when they have an opportunity? Can letting users hide the like counts on social media posts help reduce online anxiety or cyberbullying? Why are futurists so bad at actually realistic predictions? What happens in an economy where everyone is about […]

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12 surprising things about earning more money

Newsletter, Today, I want to call out a toxic money belief that's very common but rarely discussed:  “Money changes people.”  When most people say this, it comes with a derisive tone. It's an insult. How could you change? Allow me to tell you the truth: Yes, money changes people. It will change you. And it should change […]

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How to Build Your Pitch Deck, Create a Successful Product, and more!

Heyo, Fire Nation! This week is full of FIRE here at the Entrepreneurs On Fire studios, and we can’t wait to share the lineup we have for you on the podcast! Today I’m chatting with Brandon White, and he’s going to share How to Build Your Pitch Deck to Raise Money. On Tuesday, Michael Sherlock will be sharing how to “Shock” or Scale Your […]

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Mark Shaefer: {grow}: Lessons from 120 book interviews in 10 weeks

{grow}: Lessons from 120 book interviews in 10 weeks I’ve been interviewed more than 120 times in the last 10 weeks. That might seem amazing. Actually … it seems amazing to me! I’ve never been interviewed so much in my life and I probably never will be again, so I thought I would write to […]