Medley 265: Drinking, Mobs, Surely, Mushrooms, Arbitrum, Apologizing, Fun…

Happy Monday! I've finished recording all the main videos for SEO for Solopreneurs! I just released the rest of the monetization videos, as well as how to scale SEO beyond yourself. That means this is the last week for the reduced early access pricing. The price will go up on Sunday. I also published one article last […]

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Medley 264: Cabins, Lessons, Trust, Teams, Work, Notion, DAOs…

Happy Monday! I added a bunch of new videos to SEO for Solopreneurs today, focused on Tracking, Analytics, and Monetization! I also wanted to let you know about Khe Hy's "Supercharge Your Productivity" course launching this week. It's the best Notion training resource I've found, and I used it to streamline all our knowledge & SOP […]

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Medley 263: Responsibilities, Equality, Wisdom, DeFi, Silicon Valley, Poets…

Happy Monday! I published two new DeFi related articles last week: one on using automatic asset allocation to earn 15-20% APY, and another about the recent crypto market meltdown. I’ll also be doing a chat about DeFi & crypto in the Every Discord tomorrow morning for paid Almanack subscribers. If you’re not a member, you can sign up […]