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Hey friend, I hate starting this email on such a grim note, but it's the truth: Most beautiful, baby blogs born into the world today are destined for failure. According to the New York Times, over 95% of blogs are abandoned within their first year. A recent SEO study by Ahrefs also found that 90% […]


Basic Problem Newsletter #34 ๐ŸŒณ

Basic Problem  Hey all I'm excited to welcome you back to my newsletter about product ideas, building side projects, indie hacking, and problems worth solving. Kenneth Ewart Boulding's quote “anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist" always comes to mind when […]

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Web Tools #411 – Frameworks, Testing Tools, JS Utilities, Polymorphism

  WEB VERSION Issue #411 • June 3, 2021 Advertisement Learn How Remote Pair Programming Can Increase Your Team's EfficiencySuddenly, the future of work materialized, and when your entire team is working from home, pair programming is not only possible but extremely valuable. Preparing yourself and your team for remote pairing will help prepare you […]

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Rong Liew: ๐Ÿ’ป What are WorkedWith connections on Showwcase?

Hey Developers,Every week we reveal insights, the latest features, and interesting resources for the community on engineering, technology, and productivity. If you’re just now finding out about Showwcase, you can join the community below.Join ShowwcaseQUESTIONS FROM THE COMMUNITYWorkedWith Connections on ShowwcaseWorkedWith connections are unique to Showwcase. It’s a form of connection that you can make […]

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Web Tools #410 – bfcache, CSS Tools, Vue Tools, Uncats

 WEB VERSIONIssue #410 โ€ข May 27, 2021AdvertisementCloudways HostingA managed cloud hosting platform for digital agencies, developers, and e-commerce businesses offering simplicity, great performance, expert 24/7 support, and powerful team collaboration features.Start a Free Trial Today Last year Philip Walton wrote an article on Google’s on a new feature supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari called back/forward cache or bfcache […]