Come to my room?

Hey Newsletter,

Can you come to my room now?

That's the text I got from my friend Amy Porterfield the weekend of her massive (way pre-pandemic) live event in San Diego, The Entrepreneur Experience.

(If you don’t know who Amy is, all you have to know is that she’s Beyonce-level in the digital marketing space.)

Cut to me, comically fast, at her door: Knock knock!

Ever fantasize about getting invited backstage at a concert after the star squints into the bright lights and spots you, their old friend, in the mass of fans? Then you know how this felt.

With 800 people all drooling to get a moment with Amy, she had to have her own security detail, flanking her whenever she walked through the public spaces of the hotel.

So it was extra special to get a good hourlong, shoes-off-on-the-sofa hang in her suite away from the masses, complete with gossip and a bottle of Malbec.

I tell you this not to brag…

(Oh, come on! Don't you hate it when people say that? Of course, I'm bragging!)

…But to tell you why I love email and think it beats the living daylights out of social media as a marketing tool.

OK, stay with me.

Social media—Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn—is like a conference. Or, if you're a teddybear-backpack-wearing youngster, say a giant warehouse rave. There might be loads of people you know and like there, but you may or may not see them, or even be aware that they're present.

So the next day, it's like, "Wait, you were there?"

"Of course, I was! I was shouting and waving to you from across the room! I was wearing body glitter and a stack of day-glo bracelets! Seriously, you didn't see that?"

Um, nope. You can shout and wave and sparkle and glow all you want, but if someone's feed is a conference or party of 800 or thousands of people, you're lucky if they spot you, much less spend quality time with you.

Now, consider email.

Being in someone's inbox is like being invited to their suite for a glass of wine.

…Or like meeting for coffee in a quiet cafe.

In an email, you have someone's attention.

You can get to know each other.

There's an intimacy there that builds the know, like, and trust factor you need to sell. Proof?

Email is how I make a living.

  • It's how Marie Forleo and I have sold our program The Copy Cure to thousands of people.

  • It's how I made six figures from my (at the time) 6k list in one affiliate launch.

  • It's how I filled my $18k mentorship program, Shrimp Club, without a single sales call.

  • It’s how I hit the 1M/year mark in my business. Not by “selling in the DMs,” not with a tricky funnel that leads to a free call. Just emails.
Email can make magic for you, too! That is, if you do it right.

Keep an eye out for Inbox Hero, my email copywriting course that was going to be a quiet mini-course but ended up a mega hit and mega learning resource, with 100+ pages of brain-igniting email makeovers and Story Hero, a video training on storytelling for email.  

It will definitely be mega for your business. Not to mention, for the fun you'll start having writing emails.

Coming next week!

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PS – tl:dr: If social media is like a giant party where you have to shout to be heard, email is like a quiet, 1:1 coffee date where you have someone’s full attention. That is, if you do it right. Inbox Hero is coming next week to show you how!

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