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The Growth Newsletter #042

The Growth Newsletter #042 Hey, Julian here. This newsletter curates growth insights from Demand Curve's community. It keeps you up-to-date on growth tactics.   If you don't find this valuable, you can permanently unsubscribe at the bottom of this email. If you like it, tell your friends to subscribe here. Exciting news—we're creating live growth workshops   […]

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John Oliver Destroys Sponsored Content, 4 Types of Vaccine Skeptics and Why Futurists Usually Fail | Non-Obvious Insights #271

Rohit Bhargava Dear Newsletter, What kind of person is still choosing not to get vaccinated when they have an opportunity? Can letting users hide the like counts on social media posts help reduce online anxiety or cyberbullying? Why are futurists so bad at actually realistic predictions? What happens in an economy where everyone is about […]

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Google & HCA to develop healthcare algorithms / China tested facial recognition on Uighurs / NNs driving Pinterest growth

PART OF    NETWORKMAY 26, 2021 PRESENTED BY Hey Insiders,The DeFi revolution is here and we’ve gathered leading industry experts to walk us through the future of finance.Our speakers include:Camilla Russo (Founder of The Defiant)Ramon Recuero (Founder of Babylon Finance)Jehan Chu (Co-Founder of Kenetic)Santiago Roel Santos (General Partner at Parafi)Join us for this free live event tomorrow […]