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Maximize every click with search journeys

Case Study: how the White House implemented our SEO recommendations Our article about Biden's changes to the White House website went viral. We look back and share everything that happened next, including traffic numbers and…how the White House's web team implemented some of our SEO recommendations  Learn what happened Maximize every click with search journeys […]

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Lyft ebikes 🚲, curing jetlag 💊, flu strains vanish 🤧

TLDR Daily Update 2021-06-07 Save 45+ sourcing hours per open tech role with Hired (Sponsor)Struggling to scale your tech team? Access a curated pool of pre-screened tech talent on Hired, the world's largest AI-driven hiring marketplace. We help companies like Grubhub and Dropbox grow their tech teams with our intuitive search filters, custom coding challenges, and […]

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Swedish Tech Weekly #111: glō, Curb Food, Maven Wireless, Heja, Teemyco, Mobila Doktorn, Coupleness, Vaam, Acast, Freja eID, Sellpy and more

View this email in your browser Welcome to Swedish Tech Weekly issue #111.Bringing you the latest from Sweden's tech and startup industry. If this email has been forwarded to you, you can sign up for free at +++ Partner message +++ Listen up, founders! Is your startup looking to break into the U.S. market? The […]

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New Macbook Pro 💻, Waymo Taxi in Google Maps 🚕, United’s supersonic planes ✈️

TLDR Daily Update 2021-06-04 Skiff is the most secure online collaboration platform (Sponsor)How secure are your online documents? Google Drive, Dropbox, and almost every online collaboration software is built for convenience, not privacy. Skiff built privacy into the core of its product through end-to-end encryption. It's the Signal for documents with an advisory board including the […]

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4 Tools for Boosting Client Buy-In 🧰

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🍿 AMC’s stock surge

It's on the house [SolStock/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,600 (+0.07%) S&P 5004,208 (+0.14%) Nasdaq13,756 (+0.14%) Bitcoin$37,449 (+2.65%) Hey Snackers, If you're having a rough week, we wish you as much resilience as this cat, which survived a five-story jump from a burning building uninjured — and then just casually walked off. Stocks ticked up yesterday, while […]

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StackOverflow acquired 💻, Apple HomeOS 🏠, NASA to Venus 🚀

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🚗 Uber’s endless surge pricing

  Waiting for the surge pricing to end like… [FluxFactory/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,575 (+0.13%) S&P 5004,202 (-0.05%) Nasdaq13,736 (+0.09%) Bitcoin$36,233 (-1.07%) Hey Snackers, After "I do," these couples will be saying "I meme it." That's right: meme-based dating has finally arrived. Stocks barely budged yesterday as investors chewed on manufacturing data: rising commodity prices and […]

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Tesla restaurants 🍔, drone flies into volcano 🌋, Google partially maps brain 🧠

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Earnable closes tonight: Earn more, be your own boss, do what you love

Newsletter, Yes, my new program on how to start and grow a work-from-anywhere business closes TONIGHT. If you're thinking about joining Earnable to earn more, be your own boss, and do what you love, this email is for you. But first, I want to be crystal clear about 3 things: With all of the uncertainty around coronavirus, […]