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Rong Liew: ๐Ÿ’ป What are WorkedWith connections on Showwcase?

Hey Developers,
Every week we reveal insights, the latest features, and interesting resources for the community on engineering, technology, and productivity. If you’re just now finding out about Showwcase, you can join the community below.Join ShowwcaseQUESTIONS FROM THE COMMUNITYWorkedWith Connections on ShowwcaseWorkedWith connections are unique to Showwcase. It’s a form of connection that you can make between you and other developers that you are working, or have worked, with. It allows you to bring people into your network but in a more nuanced and real way.
We’re always working on side projects, building new products, and diving into research. Sometimes we do it alone, and other times we’re working on it with others. WorkedWith connections allows you to add those valuable teams of yours into your network. 
Next time you’re looking for a new opportunity, others can see who are truly in your network, the valuable people you’ve had a real working relationship with, right in your profile. 
Your network is valuable, protect it!Go to ShowwcaseAs usual, if you’ve got any feedback for us regarding the platform, we’d love to hear it! Just respond to this email. 
-RongWHAT YOU MISSED LAST WEEKOptimised Profiles for DevelopersLast week, we released an update about the Profiles on Showwcase.  We have been rethinking how we can better represent developers and we’re happy to ship a new look to the profile. 
We’re releasing a huge update to the User profile that: 1. Organises your content into distinct buckets – Threads, Shows, Code, Media2. Showcases your credentialed badges clearly on the main profile section 3. Improved the Social bar to feature your top familiar technologies, repositories and more! 
p.s. If you’re looking closely, you’ll see what we’ll be shipping next! THIS WEEK’S LINKS FROM AROUND THE WEBAre you going to continue working remotely?๐Ÿ”ฅ This is a crazy conversation about how to negotiate working remotely with your employer. HackerNews has still got it.
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