A few subtle nips and tucks (with no scars!)

Are you a visual learner, Newsletter?

You're in luck, because I've got something helpful and copy-related for you today. And it's very visual. Muy, muy, muy eye-friendly. ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€
But first things first:

You may know how I love my Real Housewives. (If you didn't, Hi. I'm Laura. I love Real Housewives.) Every season ends with a reunion, where the housewives wear sparkly gowns with down-to-the-bellybutton necklines, sit on velvety sofas, and finally acknowledge that they've been on a show this whole time. "Oh yes, you did accuse me of being a drug addict, check the tapes from episode 8!"

It's a bittersweet time.

Bitter because it means the season's over. See you next year, beloved crazies!
But sweet because there's so much confrontation. And awkward, unwanted hugs! "I think it's time for me to hug you." Cue trapped hug recipient, arms limply at sides.

Best of all, the plastic surgery.

Oh, the plastic surgery. "Oh, I'm just going to get my whole face pulled and sculpted and tightened and poison-smoothed the day before we go on camera. It'll look like I had a great night's sleep!"

No, it doesn't look like that. It looks like you sent a photo of yourself to a company that makes those "just like me" dolls, and they sent back a very scary version of you that would make children cry.

Sometimes, it looks like someone took a sharpie and drew your face on a balloon, and that balloon is talking on TV.

So what's this got to do with copywriting?

Those little "lunchtime procedures" that are supposed to look so youthful and natural rarely do. (I wish they did, I'd get them. Especially for my neck.)

But on your home page, your sales page, your tagline?

A few subtle nips and tucks that take under an hour make the copy a thing of beauty.

Persuasive, profitable beauty.

Want to see? I'll show you. My specialty is the Power Hour – 60 minutes where I talk to the client and nip and tuck and smooth their copy on the spot. No needles or bruising.

I've put together my favorite, most starkly transformed, 1-hour before-and-afters and made them into a mini-course:

It's not only satisfying (like looking at liposuction before-and-afters on the internet – not that I've ever done that), but better yet:

These marked-up visual examples will show you quick ways you can transform your copy, too.

If you get bogged down by long courses and want a fix of at-a-glance, quick mastery, this is the mini-course for you.

Click here to find out more and get it now.

Best of all, I've priced it at less than you'll pay for a round of Pinot Grigios in Beverly Hills. (That's what the Housewives drink when they're screaming about who owes whom an apology. Everyone's gotta have one glass to drink, one to throw in a desperate attempt to be "controversial" so they'll renew your contract for next season.)

NOTE: I made this course after a bunch of people went bananas over a beta version, saying it inspired them to make key changes to their own copy immediately. You can't beat immediate action.

Especially when the results look so natural.

See you over here?

Sending you a big, unsolicited, on-camera hug that lasts too long.


ps – Here's the link again to the Talking Shrimp 60-Minute-Makeover Copywriting Mini-Course.

pps – Want to know how I come up with such long titles that take forever to type? Yeah, didn't think so.

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