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Hey friend,

I hate starting this email on such a grim note, but it's the truth:

Most beautiful, baby blogs born into the world today are destined for failure.

According to the New York Times, over 95% of blogs are abandoned within their first year. A recent SEO study by Ahrefs also found that 90% of pages online never receive a single visitor from organic search.

Blogs don't fail because the author didn't migrate their tech stack often enough, or lint the code like their life depended on it.

Most blogs fail because blogging is an ultra-marathon and the author gave up after a lap around the kiddie pool.

Not because they're lazy, bad at writing, or don't have what it takes.

But because blogging can be kinda lonely. It's genuinely hard to know if you're heading in the "right direction" when you don't have peers and people with experience to talk about it with.

It's why I'm BEYOND excited to fully share what I've been creating lately (along with over 200 subscribers from this newsletter) —