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How to Build Your Pitch Deck, Create a Successful Product, and more!

Heyo, Fire Nation!

This week is full of FIRE here at the Entrepreneurs On Fire studios, and we can’t wait to share the lineup we have for you on the podcast!

Today I’m chatting with Brandon White, and he’s going to share How to Build Your Pitch Deck to Raise Money.

On Tuesday, Michael Sherlock will be sharing how to “Shock” or Scale Your Business Potential with Virtual Assistants.

Coming up on Wednesday, I’ll be rockin’ the mic with Sunny Lenarduzzi, and she’s going to share How She Made 8 Figures in 4 Years Sharing Her Personal Story.

On Thursday, Kevin Mako will be talking about how to Create a Successful Product with Your Invention Idea.

Coming up on Friday, Jon Bell and Julian Sage will be dropping value bombs on How to Make Money On Airbnb Without Owning Property.

And to close the week out strong, Destinee Berman will talk about Creating A High-Profit Course.

That’s 6 days of FIRE coming your way, Fire Nation!

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