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Initiator Creator – Issue 63

Initiator Creator – Issue #63

By Saurabh Y. // 12 June 2021


How Replit used legal threats to kill an open-source project – Intuitive explanations

This blog post is the story of how Replit is using legal threats and their venture-capital funding to bully Radon into shutting down an open-source project they don’t like.

Svelte for the Experienced React Dev – CSS-Tricks

This post is an accelerated introduction to Svelte from the point of view of someone with solid experience with React.

5 developer tools for detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities – Dev to

In a vast subject like application security, we need more than sheer will to learn and keep our code safe. We need good tools.

Why Is Quantum Computing So Hard to Explain – Quanta magazine

To understand what quantum computers can do — and what they can’t — avoid falling for overly simple explanations.

How to Prioritize Bugs – Refactoring

A few strategies to move fast, reduce conflicts and keep your backlog small.


UI Copy: Sign In vs Log In – UX Planet

And other UI copy decisions for application access

How to build better digital experiences with UX writing principles – Medium

UX writing principles and how they’ve been applied to improve the digital experiences of our products.

A guide to the Modern Minimal UI style – UX Collective

It’s minimalistic comparing to the other design styles, but at the same time is not as dull and boring as old Material Design or Flat.

Fixing contrast issues, on your own site and elsewhere – A11y Project

Insufficient text contrast is the most common accessibility issue on websites today. According to the WebAIM Million report for 2021, 86.4% of home pages world wide have low contrast text. What's worse, this number has been increasing the past three years.


I Asked 50 Entrepreneurs What Tools They Use to Stay Productive – Entrepreneur's Handbook

This is not your generic “the best productivity tools out there” list. This is road-tested advice from real people who do real things, in real life.

How the Best CEOs Use 'Thinking Time' – OpenView

The fact is that “just thinking” is one of the most impactful ways CEOs can spend their time. As an executive coach, these are the five ways Alisa Cohn advise her clients to use this unstructured time productively.

What Hackers Can Learn About You From Your Social-Media Profile – WSJ

That post you ‘liked’ on Facebook? Your alma mater on LinkedIn? They are all clues that can make you—and your company—vulnerable.

The complete newsletter checklist for new writers – Ghost

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to publishing a great newsletter. Avoid getting lost in the details by using these exact steps.


How people discover new products – Lenny's newsletter

How do people become aware of new products? Lenny posit that there are seven ways and explored each of one so that you can develop your strategy.

Will Apple Mail threaten the newsletter boom? – Platformer

In the Mail app, Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user.

Defining the Role of Product Marketing in Your Startup – OpenView

If you aren’t clear on what product marketing is, how it’s different from product management, and what the responsibilities of a product marketer are, you’re not alone.

How & Why You Should Target Low Search Volume Keywords – Criminally Prolific

In just 7 months of adopting this approach, Dmitry Dragilev successfully managed to rank several of my pages at the top of the SERPs. These pages brought in over 600 highly targeted visitors, 67 of whom turned into customers with LTV for each customer around $300.

Interesting Read

Is Twitter Blue a good enough product to earn your $3 a month? – NiemanLab

There’s one feature that could be very useful for journalists and other Twitter packrats, but otherwise, it’s kinda meh.

The Praise Paradox: when well-intended words backfire – Ness Labs

Is it true that praise unequivocally raises children’s self-esteem and motivation? The reality is a bit more complex: the praise paradox shows that praise can sometimes be detrimental.

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