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Dropout → 6-figure (in-depth case study)

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Hi Newsletter,

If you're in the wrong job or at the wrong company — or maybe in the completely wrong industry — what do you do?

Years ago, my friend Julie was in this exact spot.

She’d already spent a year in law school before realizing that law wasn’t actually the right fit for her. She dropped out and felt lost and embarrassed. Her family expected her to become a lawyer. When she met up with friends, they’d say, “What are you up to?” 

If you just dropped out of law school, what are you supposed to say?

Put yourself in her shoes for a minute:

  • What would you do? 
  • Would you be willing to drop out if you were her? 
  • What would your family think?

Not easy questions.

Julie came to me and asked for help. I told her I’d help her find a Dream Job — but she had to follow my system to the letter.

I personally helped Julie use the Dream Job System. I showed her that she actually had more skills than she realized. I taught her how to create a network of people to help her, how to interview, how to “frame” her experience on a resume.

Using my lessons, Julie landed a terrific job at a top-tier company in finance. Then, a couple years later, she switched to tech. And you’ll hear what she does now…

…in this in-depth case study.

Today I want to show you how Julie used the techniques in Find Your Dream Job to reinvent herself — not just once, but multiple times over the course of her career — and tripled her salary in the process. 

Watch this case study. I always say, study the winners. In this video, you’ll learn how a top performer thinks and behaves.

Julie and I

I caught up with Julie, almost a decade later, to talk about her Dream Job journey.

Tune in to this exclusive interview, as I talk to Julie about: 

  • What a Dream Job means to her right now (0:46)
  • How to handle pivotal moments in your career (2:02)
  • How to determine if what you’re doing REALLY isn’t the right fit (4:24)
  • How to tell hiring managers your story and why you quit (and WIN them over) (12:10)
  • How to know if a company is the right fit for you (15:40)
  • How Julie’s Dream Job evolved to combine all of her passions and skills (18:17)

Watch the full interview here.

And join Find Your Dream Job here.

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P.S. Find Your Dream Job is risk-free. When you join, you're protected by our 100% money-back guarantee. 

If you join the course and decide it's not right for you, just send us a note to No harm, no foul. As a Find Your Dream Job student, you'll get 60 days to make up your mind.

If you're ready to reinvent your career, see for yourself how Find Your Dream Job can help you land the job of your dreams.

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