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Let’s be less 💩than yesterday…

Hi Newsletter,

Most people online seem obsessed with ‘shortcuts,’ ‘hacks,’ and ‘quick-fixes’ to grow their business and make more sales.

“Work smart, not hard” has turned into “Don’t want to work at all.”

The thing is, when it comes to building a profitable business, there is no substitute for just learning to leverage what’s working and optimize them.

Sorry, but it’s true. #KeepinItReal

Ironically, the more you spend on looking for that silver bullet, the more time you’re going to waste and get farther away from the results you want.

If you want to get better clients and close more deals, then you need to figure out how to sell in a way that works for you right now.

And I want to help you it, inside Freelancer’s Sales Kit.

You don’t need 1000000 more sales by tomorrow. Make small improvements every single day.

This is one of those situations where slow is steady and steady, is fast.

Sure, I want to give you ‘quick wins’ by handing you proven emails and processes ripped directly from my business…

…but I also want to give you the essential ‘magic’ that makes it work so that you can apply it to all of your business.

You rock!

Your customers love you!

You don’t need me telling you that.

My goal, though, is to help you leverage that and try and be a little less s*** than yesterday when it comes to your sales process.

Click here to find out more and grab Freelancer’s Sales Kit to improve the gaps you have in your sales process.


PS I’ve worked really hard to make this as easy as possible for you to get the best results, but it’s going to require you to put some focus, work, and effort into it. No ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes here.

PPS After all, building a business so that you can step away from it and live your life is going to require processes that drive sales, so let’s do it right.

Stop looking for shortcuts, and let’s level up your sales.

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