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Artwork by Yukai Du for Hi-Fi: Radiate.
Dear Friend-

This is a different kind of newsletter today. Rather than sharing other folks’ essays and articles, I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on behind the scenes for many months now.

In the next few weeks, I will be launching a new project called Hi-Fi: Radiate. It’s going to be an in-depth, collaborative learning community dedicated to exploring how we can integrate, embody, and radiate the change we want to see in ourselves and in the world.

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For nearly everyone around the world, the pain of the pandemic sparked a reckoning that lead to insights, awakenings, and grief. Now, as we slowly begin to emerge, the question becomes: How will we hold onto — and integrate — those precious realizations?

Many countries are on the cusp of a return to “normal.” The constraints we have endured for so long are beginning to relax. And as this period of fear and confinement begins to come to a close, it’s going to be very easy to forget everything we’ve learned. 

To feel that making the changes and pursuing the convictions that we’ve arrived at during this harrowing year is just a little less urgent. To fall back into our old habits and once again become “too busy” to live in alignment with our values.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why I’m launching Hi-Fi: Radiate. To create an online community that’s dedicated to exploring, integrating, and radiating the profound realizations that we’ve all had over the past year. 

The community programming will include a variety of different types of content to spark reflection, engagement, and transformation, including:Live talks from yours truly, Hurry Slowly host Jocelyn K. Glei
 Live podcast-style interviews and Q&As with incredible thinkers, activists, and healers
 Intimate 5-6 person “journey groups,” with affinity groups for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks
 Facilitated group brainstorming, question, and integration sessions
 A dynamic community discussion space
 Contemplative journaling prompts
 Community skill-sharing events 
As we move through these talks and exercises, we’ll be exploring fundamental themes and questions, such as:
 How can we be in community in a new way?
 How can we build more sustainable rituals & relationships?
 How can we reimagine work outside of the toxic influence of productivity culture?
 How can we re-envision our relationship with capitalism and release our “extractive” mindset/rituals/habits?
 How can we foster a more caring relationship with nature and our environment?
Hi-Fi:Radiate is a complement or “sequel” to the original Hi-Fi course I created early on in the pandemic. That course launched in June of 2020 as we were adjusting to lockdown, cut off from our normal daily routines. It was a deep journey into self-reflection, embodiment, and intuition matched to a unique global moment when we were forced to retreat into our homes and remain in isolation.

Hi-Fi: Radiate launches into the world at a very different moment: As we are beginning to emerge back into the world on wobbly legs, wondering how to re-integrate into a society where everything has changed, where we have changed. This new community is meant to support, encourage, and inspire us as we move through this singular moment of re-emergence. To help each of us sort out how to integrate our values and convictions into our selves, our work, and our communities.

It is not necessary to have participated in the original Hi-Fi course to participate in Radiate. This new community is open to all. That said, I’ll be limiting enrollment to keep the community size small.

Registration will be opening in just a few weeks in June, and I’ll be sharing more information on the timing, content, and structure via the Hi-Fi: Radiate email list very soon.

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Much love,
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