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🍿 AMC’s stock surge

It's on the house [SolStock/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,600 (+0.07%) S&P 5004,208 (+0.14%) Nasdaq13,756 (+0.14%) Bitcoin$37,449 (+2.65%) Hey Snackers, If you're having a rough week, we wish you as much resilience as this cat, which survived a five-story jump from a burning building uninjured — and then just casually walked off. Stocks ticked up yesterday, while […]

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StackOverflow acquired πŸ’», Apple HomeOS 🏠, NASA to Venus πŸš€

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New from Tim β€” An Exciting Giveaway, Interview with Chris Bosh, β€œHow to Make a House Feel Like a Home” Video, and More

Hi All, Please find your weekly roundup email below. The “5-Bullet Friday” newsletter is coming on Friday, as always. I’m also including a giveaway I am very excited to launch today…  New giveaway:Share this newsletter with friends for a chance to win an Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (MSRP of $1,995 for the king size)! I […]

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πŸš— Uber’s endless surge pricing

  Waiting for the surge pricing to end like… [FluxFactory/E+ via GettyImages]   Yesterday’s Market Moves   Dow Jones34,575 (+0.13%) S&P 5004,202 (-0.05%) Nasdaq13,736 (+0.09%) Bitcoin$36,233 (-1.07%) Hey Snackers, After "I do," these couples will be saying "I meme it." That's right: meme-based dating has finally arrived. Stocks barely budged yesterday as investors chewed on manufacturing data: rising commodity prices and […]

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Tesla restaurants πŸ”, drone flies into volcano πŸŒ‹, Google partially maps brain 🧠

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Now I Know: Evolution, Eyebrows, and the Pets We Love

Hope you had a good weekend. — Dan  How Evolution Makes Us Love Dogs On May 21, 2006, a dog owner named Bruce uploaded the above picture of his miniature dachshund named Billie to Flickr, a photosharing website. Bruce labeled the photo "puppy dog eyes," assumedly to highlight how Billie's eyes make her so irresistibly cute. […]

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πŸ’΅ The Great Divide

Hey Snackers, The long weekend might be over, but the short week is just beginning. Yesterday, we honored those who have sacrificed their lives to serve and defend the US. Stocks jumped last week, as jobless claims fell to a new pandemic low. BTW: We'd love to know what the American Dream means to you for […]

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βš”οΈ How to be a f’n Viking

he made 100K ignoring typical startup advice, Coinbase launches Fact Check, AR meets NFT, investor insights & 8 years to overnight success. Hi there,  It's Memorial Day in the United States of America. Since 9,483* of you are based in the US, you might be otherwise occupied today.If you're lounging around on the sofa and […]

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Decrypting iBanFirst’s €200M Growth Equity Deal

THE FRENCH TECH JOURNAL Decrypting iBanFirst’s €200M Growth Equity Deal BY CHRIS O’BRIEN – 28 MAY 2021 – VIEW ONLINE β†’ The French Tech Journal provides analysis of France’s digital ecosystem as well as in-depth interviews with French entrepreneurs and VCs. If you like what you read, please forward the newsletter to friends or share […]

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QuintoAndar raises a $300M round / Vendasta raises $99M / Paytm is looking to raise $3B during IPO

PART OF    NETWORK MAY 28, 2021 PRESENTED BY Hello Insiders! We will be hosting "Meet Our Fund", a two-day reverse demo day where 25 venture capital funds and accelerators will pitch to 10k+ founders! This event is free thanks to our many sponsors, including, a revenue tracking platform that helps you pinpoint exactly […]