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ET: June 1st 2021

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Medley 264: Cabins, Lessons, Trust, Teams, Work, Notion, DAOs…

Happy Monday! I added a bunch of new videos to SEO for Solopreneurs today, focused on Tracking, Analytics, and Monetization! I also wanted to let you know about Khe Hy's "Supercharge Your Productivity" course launching this week. It's the best Notion training resource I've found, and I used it to streamline all our knowledge & SOP […]

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Faster results

Newsletter, Here’s an example of a simple business you can start right now. I know it’s simple, because I showed my MOM how to do it, and she ended up with a check for $1,773.46. My mom earned this doing something she already loved! Here’s the short version: My mom has cooked Indian food for […]

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the best places (and techniques) to distribute your blog posts ๐Ÿ—ฃ

Today's challenge: Share your content with THE WORLD! Hey friend, It's Day #7 and that means the time has come. It's do or die…for your brand new blog post! Once the post is live on your site, you'll probably want to focus on getting your content out there. Here are my tips for effectively distributing content […]

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use this checklist to make sure your blog post is finished โœ…

Today's challenge: Polish your post and get feedback! Hey friend, Can you believe you made it to Day #6?! It's almost time to publish the post you've been working on for the last week. But before we do that, I want to make sure you're all set up, and you don't have any regrets after […]