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Mindvalley Highlights: Why I live my life by this book

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  Hi Nedko, Earlier this week I gave you a little hint about a mysterious book that fundamentally changed how I defined success across all dimensions of life… … And how it became my guiding North Star for the life I wanted (and now) live. As many of you guessed, the book I was referring to is Lifebook. And it is arguably the single more powerful lifestyle design program on the planet. If you’ve never heard of Lifebook before and you’re curious why I, and thousands upon thousands of others, swear by it… … Then come take a walk with me and I’ll explain why >>>  How to get it all with LifebookLifebook was created by two of the most brilliant and inspirational people I know. Jon and Missy Butcher. Funnily enough, they never planned to make Lifebook available to the public.  It was simply their personal tool to create extraordinary outcomes in all 12 dimensions of life, all at once. For instance, they are financially free with a portfolio of socially responsible companies. They are grandparents in their 50s, yet are also in the best shape of their lives. They enjoy a thrilling romance even after decades of marriage. And they even built a dream lifestyle which includes a home so breathtaking, it was featured on Oprah. So what makes Lifebook so powerful? If I could boil it down to a single sentence: It’s about asking yourself FOUR distinct questions about each of the 12 categories of your life. These 4 questions are so obvious when you hear them. Yet, most people go their entire lives never asking them themselves. You’ll get what I mean here >>>Keep Evolving,Vishen Lakhiani
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