Business Idea: TikTok influencers

In this email, I’m going to give you the blueprint for a business idea that’s perfect to start right now.

It’s possible to land a $5,000 per month contract in the next 30 days if you hustle this.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Why this is an opportunity to pay attention to right now
  • How you can execute on it (even if you have no experience)
  • How to land your first $5,000 per month contract

Step #1: The Opportunity

The COVID lockdown helped no tech company more than TikTok (Amazon and delivery apps aside).

The platform exploded in popularity. Every kid on the planet was at home. Their parents were at home. And usage went through the roof.

Naturally, the number of businesses looking to take advantage of advertising went through the roof as well…

  • Searches per month for “tiktok influencers” are up 354% over last 6 months (source)
  • Searches per month for “tiktok ads” are up 200% over last 6 months (source)

People are bored. TikTok is new. And it’s totally captivated a large chunk of the world’s attention.

Many B2C companies want to get in front of this audience but have no idea what to do.

That is where you come in.

Step #2: What’s the business idea?

How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

While TikTok does have an advertising platform, figuring out how to run ads well if you’re not experienced can take a lot of time. Instead, I’d focus on that first graph and do this:

Help companies find and pay TikTok influencers to promote their products on the influencers’ accounts.

There are a variety of products and services you could create to do that. Let's brainstorm your exact product with these 4 questions:

  1. What online course could I create?
  2. What service could I provide?
  3. What resources could I create?
  4. What coaching service could I provide?

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Create a $1,500 course. At least 10 videos. You reaching out to influencers on behalf of a real product/brand. Show how to find them, talk to them, pitch them, and get them to promote the product. Show front to back ROI. Target B2C brands with the course.

2. Create a $5,000 per month service that does this for B2C brands. You find the influencers. You reach out to them. You negotiate the deal. You bring them to the companies.

3. Create a $197 spreadsheet. Pick 1 industry. Make a master list of 1,000 influencers in the industry. Include their contact info, link to profile, follower count, and potential ROI for brands.

4. Create a $1,000 per month done-with-you program. Guaranteed results. Take a junior marketer on their team, coach them, show the ropes, they get results. 6 month contract. ROI.

All of these sound viable, so let’s narrow them down with these 3 questions:

  1. Which one of these ideas is the most exciting to me?
  2. Which of these could I legit help people with?
  3. Which of these could I make good money on?

My winner?

$5,000 per month service.

Quick to start. Could be huge. Have to target B2C companies selling $10mm+ that already have heavy ad spend on FB/IG.

Plus, once I nail the workflows, I could easily turn it into a course.

Step #3: How to land your first $5,000 per month client

You could land your first client in three steps:

Step #1: Do your research

  • Make list of industries you are most interested in
  • Narrow it down to the ones most likely to have influencers who can reach their customer base
  • B2C would probably work best
  • Look at products you have and like
  • Look at products you have loose connections to (if any)
  • Scour TikTok and make a list of 100 influencers who could likely reach those products’ ideal customers
  • Pro Tip: TikTok has created a marketplace specifically designed to help you find influencers (they call them “creators”)

Step #2: Prep for the pitch

  • Make 1 pager of expected results (based on 5 influencers promoting the product)
  • Estimate what it would cost to pay them
  • Estimate potential ROI
  • Make a list of 20 competitors to core product

Step #3: Start pitching

  • Email heads of growth at all 21 competitors (easy to find on Twitter / LinkedIn)
  • Use something close to this script

“Hey Tom.

Big fan and customer. Product is dope. Here is a pic of me with it.

[insert pic]

Thank you! In fact, here is a picture of me repping the product on TikTok. Xoxo.

FYI: I connect TikTok influencers to brands to promote them. I put together a list of 100 influencers that could promote your product.

Here is the list.

And I estimate that by hitting up this list you could bring in  5x ROI. This is what I do.

Would you be interested in me doing it for you?

  • Include 1 pager as attachment
  • Follow up 3,7,10 days to bump it to the top of their inbox
  • Follow up until they respond

Potential result: 1-2 will hire you
Charge $5,000 for 1st customer


Step #4: How to fulfill this service

But Bryan, I’ve never even USED TikTok before. Why would someone pay ME $5k to do this? :(

Stop it. You can absolutely still do this.

Your target market already spends $100k+ per month on ads. Carving our $5,000 per month for this experiment for 6 months is no big deal for them.

You just need to make it a no brainer experience for them.

Once you are hired:

  1. Message every influencer on your list of 100
  2. Ask them for their rates
  3. Offer product exchange instead
  4. Negotiate the rate down
  5. Get agreement with 30-50% of influencers you message with
  6. Run 1st test
  7. Measure results
  8. Adjust promos for future influencers
  9. Do small tests first
  10. Do more of the ones that convert (or drive the metrics your clients are most interested in)
  11. Repeat

What’s stopping you?

- Bryan


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